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Excel in Sports & Studies - You Can Do It! (3rd Edition, 2014)

By Steven Quek CH

Student-athletes often experience difficulty performing well in competitive sports due to the demands of schoolwork. They may need regular breaks from training to prepare for tests or examinations, or that they cannot train properly as they have been unwell or have not had sufficient rest.

Indeed, given the demands of the school system in Singapore, student-athletes certainly face a challenging task. Their ability to manage their lifestyles, particularly schoolwork, is an important factor in their success in their sporting pursuits. If an athlete fails to get enough rest or has to disrupt training to catch up on schoolwork, even the most carefully planned training schedule will not be successful. An athlete who possesses the tools to manage the demands of school and sports will, on the other hand, have a better chance to succeed.

Teacher-coach, Mr. Steven Quek’s latest publication – “Excel in Sports and Studies – You Can Do It!” aims to equip student-athletes with tools that enable them to not only manage, but succeed, in both their sports and studies. The principles outlined in the book are basic ones – time management, goal-setting, planning and so on. However, the author goes beyond explaining the importance of these principles; he suggests ways athletes can implement them, making application more manageable. The experiences of top local and international athletes who have succeeded using these tools are also featured to reinforce their relevance and importance.

Retailed at S$12.90, interested athletes may write to to place order or to enquire about this publication.

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