Sze Uei


Tired of attending remedial training (RT) sessions on the weekends for failing IPPT because of the 2.4km run (yes I was that unfit back then), I joined Mileage in 2010 after being introduced by a friend.

Before joining, I was the kind who never enjoyed running. Benefits of being in a group helped a lot for someone like me who was starting out, not just for the workouts but the knowledge sharing on all aspects of running. Training with Mileage is not just pure running (as I thought it was before), but with drills and strength development which I have come to appreciate that they make a big difference. Even though members have different backgrounds and varying levels of fitness, coach Kien Mau personalized the training to one's abilities and goals.
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Danny Loke


It was truly disheartening to be stuck at the 2hr mark for the half marathon for over 3 years and ending 2016 with a horrible 5hr 20min marathon finish. This is after much hard training and trying to learn from running websites and books.

In July 2018, I thought,"I really need to get out of this stupid rut. Maybe I try coaching?". I sought out Coach Kien Mau from Mileage for a 18 weeks program to prepare for the November 2018 Osaka Marathon. Little did I know that it would be a start of an amazing 18 weeks journey of testing new frontiers and realizing my potential.
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Evelyn Chong


On 16 May 09, I injured the thigh muscle before the company's X-country flag off. It really hurts in all aspects.

Although knowing that the recovery road will not be easy, Coach Kien Mau did not write me off. He kept me on his radar until I was back on the road eventually.

Coach Kien Mau manages my adversity diligently. He provides a step by step approach in improving my health & fitness. He has been very sensitive to my needs & gives advice & encouragement when he knows I am struggling to keep the momentum rolling. In addition, he helps me to stay focused and motivated by training me progressively.
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Jan Cheang


Before I joined Mileage in October 2008, I was a recreational runner, although I had been completing about one marathon a year between 2003 to 2007. I was running because I enjoy running and it helped me to fit into my clothes given my ever-increasing voracious appetite. I ran my marathons without much of a target or goal, as I did not know how to improve. I thought that I can only run faster if I run a lot more (some marathon programmes suggest running/training like 6 times a week!), which I was unable to do given my work and church ministry commitments.
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Isa Andres


I started running in 2007 and got hooked since then. After years of participating in so many races, I noticed that my timing does not improve. I couldn't seem to run any faster. Realising that I wont improve if I don't change my training, I decided to join Mileage.

Mileage training only involves 3 sessions a week. I was at first skeptical as I was running 5-6 times a week prior joining. At the back of my mind, I was asking questions like "Will this training work for me?". But as the training progressed, I can see that it does work as my race timings started improving!
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Chantelle Wong


In less than 6 months of training with Mileage, I have shed more than one hour from my marathon timing becoming a sub-4 hr runner (3:59:44).

Training with Mileage has made a seemingly impossible timing come true. It is all contributed by the team spirit - training together, supporting and cheering one another from the starting point to finishing line.

The Mileage family has made my running more focused, more efficient and more fun.

Mileage is surely “The Way” to run!