What Some Singapore Top Student-Athletes Learned


Renuka Satianathan

Represented Singapore at 2011 SEA Games


“Getting into RJ was great, because Mr Steven Quek had a brilliant approach to coaching where he made sure we looked after our grades and made the best use of training time. And it was because of my time in RJ and the excellent teachers there that somehow got us all through the A levels that I ended up here in Australia! I signed on to an MOE scholarship and got that extended last year to cover a Masters’ degree which I’ll finish at the end of this year.”

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Mok Ying Ren

Gold Medalist in SEA Games Marathon and Triathlon


“My first coach was Mr Steven Quek in Raffles Junior College. He was a great coach and he equipped me with the skills on how to be a good student athlete that I have now. He has taught me on the principles of training and the importance of recovery and nutrition for athletes. I still go back to his words when in doubt some times.”

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“It was also fortunate that I met my then cross country coach, Mr Steven Quek, who emphasized the importance of being a student and a student-athlete. Discipline and commitment is what he imparted to us. He was a role model to many of us.”

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Soh Rui Yong

Broke Singapore 10000m National Record in 2014


“Mr Quek's ideals were simple. He wanted me to be a good runner, and he wanted me to do well in school and be one of the 30% of Singaporeans who make it to university. I had to plan my study time well in order to have time for training, sleep and recovery."

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